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Archival Art Prints + Cards

Tip Jar. If you've enjoyed something I've drawn ♡

Custom digital drawings for your non-profit use. Price starts at $70 USD and increases according to the complexity of your idea. Commissions are always finished within a month after payment or to a deadline of your choosing.

Email me to get the process started! In your email, consider the following:

  • What do you need drawn? I am open to drawing people, animals, illustrated scenes, fanart/ships of fictional characters, graphic designs, and tattoo designs!

  • Be able to provide image references of any people, outfits, pets, etc. that you want drawn accurately.

  • How large do you need the image? Are you planning to print it out, post/use online, or use as a wallpaper? I can provide your commission sized for multiple uses.

  • What sort of style are you looking for? Click here to see a selection of commissions I've completed. I can draw in any style you see in my portfolio.

- - - - -

  • I'll reply back to your email with a final price.

  • If the price is agreed upon, I'll sketch out your commission. Request as many changes as you need until you are happy with the sketch.

  • After you approve the sketch, I'll email you an invoice.

    • Accepted Payment: Card, PayPal, Venmo

  • After you've paid the invoice in full, I'll finish your commission!

  • Feel free to request updates at any time during the process. When your commission is finished, I can make small changes to the colors/hairstyle /anatomy but nothing major like a pose/character/outfit change!



I retain the right to decline if I'm uncomfortable with your commission idea. All payments on your end are final. In the rare occurrence I am unable to fulfill your commission, I will refund you in full.



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